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Medical Billing Services in Florida

The idiosyncrasy of medical billing company of Florida can be particularly designated as medical billing thorough knowledge in exploratory and categorizing every conceivable solution in medical billing happens to be and become the best result-oriented inscription company in the field of medical billing. Our company works in Florida commitment that ‘we are solution.’ Be it quality in terms of improved productivity or quantity in terms of increased revenue,  proclaims highest standard of medical billing as well as other multiple tasks. By our strong unbeatable hold in healthcare industry, ensure for aims to upgrade the life of our client. Star Pro shows sharp, smart and sensible approach through effective integration in medical billing along with other services forms the standings in the industry but it also conveys the efforts of a multitasking team. Be it revenue management or medical billing, Stars Pro® grasps the talent in various sorts to sieve itself as a one-stop solution company and thus giving it a exclusive stand between the stalwarts in this line of business. Our company works in Florida showing highly positive attitude towards service endowment and delivers in the lines of a cookie-cutter approach. The company taking hold of the project, cataloging the required and the desired output, timeliness and promptness in reporting back to the client as well as other possessions and finally coming up with a delicate recital in the client’s best interest are the salient action plans of medical billing company of Florida.

Medical Billing and Consulting Services Florida

Florida Medical Billing is a professional medical billing, rehearsal managing and consulting company that is loyal to providing outstanding service to medical doctor. Our services fit any forte of health care. Using the up-to-date technology, we are talented to deliver clients with fast, efficient service while take full advantage of their reimbursement. Florida Medical Billing has a simple mission that is “to collect the revenues that are due, and to do so in a timely manner”. Florida Medical Billing eradicates the hindrances that result in a loss of revenue due to cheapening, missing charges and un-collected claims. Medical Billing is much more than just submitting claims. Proper billing necessitates a comprehensive financial understanding of your practice and the operations that escort it. This is why we have industrialized management solutions that can be personalized to meet the financial needs of your practice.

Electronic Billing Setup
  • Data Entry Services, including patient and charge input
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Fee Schedule Analysis
  • Practice Analysis
  • Insurance and patient collections

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing

We are specialized in outsourcing medical billing with coding and help the clients to avail maximum benefits without any troubles. As our customer, your medical facility can get access to quality medical coding and billing, while reducing your current operating costs. Our end-to-end medical billing and coding solutions can meet all your needs, from following up on pending medical claims, to getting reasons for denied claims, tracking receivable balances, or initiating collections through following advantages

  • Getting engagements and pre-authorizations as obligatory for actions
  • Checking suitability and assistances confirmation for treatments, hospitalizations, and procedures
  • Revising patient bills for correctness and comprehensiveness, and obtaining any missing info
  • Preparing, reviewing, and transmitting claims using billing software, including electronic and paper claim processing.
  • Following up on unpaid privileges within standard billing sequence timeframe
  • Checking  compliance with contract discount and calling insurance companies for any inconsistency in payments if necessary
  • Identifying and billing secondary or tertiary insurances.
  • Reviewing accounts for insurance of patient follow-up
  • Investigating and attractive denied dues
  • Answering all patient or insurance telephone inquiries pertaining to assigned accounts
  • Develop patient payment plans and work collection accounts
  • Bring up to date billing software with rate changes
  • Updating cash spreadsheets, and running collection reports

Why to select Stars Pro®as your medical billing company

Higher benefit rate related toyour practice, increase reimbursement, accuracy in policy, less supervise onoutcomes in more appropriate clinical time. You feel comfortable to do your best and custom our critical visions to take greater control of your business. Interested in more about how Medical Billing Company of Florida can help your practice to make yourself moresuccessful come on platform of Stars Pro® for medical billing of yours because we go with followings for your gratification.

Best Pricing

Medical Billing Company of Florida with outstanding medical billing service thickets the subscriptions to warrant that all appropriate information for processing is involved which suit to our client pocket. If claims have to be re-filed, we will do so without any charge to the client.

Security Information

Electronically processed medical bills arenot only monitored at every step but also retain records for faultless and authentic documentation and its confidentiality remain hold safe to improve the quality and working capacity as best as possible for audit and compliance so that the highest level of successendure persistent day by day through customer happiness.

First-class Services

Our establishmentrepresentingbrilliance and error free medical and coding services so that first class services make process to trackfluently in the light of up to date technology withprogression.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA rules are our first priority to establish and manage electronic medical transactions. Our team first authorizes all benefactors and billers covered by HIPAA to acquiesce claims electronically using the accepted format along with the client concealment that no record should be communal to any third party for any reason until our client gives approval to us for allocation.


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