Free Practice Audit

Free Practice Audit

An audit of medical practice is a systematic, critical examination of the quality of a doctor’s own practice, the results of which are used to enhance clinical care and/or health outcomes or to confirm that current management is consistent with the most recent evidence available or acknowledged consensus guidelines.

We provide free audit services to assist your medical practice, hospital, or healthcare facility in optimizing its processes, efficiencies, and thus revenue. Sometimes all you need is an outside perspective and creative expertise to make a significant difference in the inner workings of your healthcare facility. You will see a significant increase in opportunities by partnering with us and our audit services. Get in touch with us today to get started!

Why Should You Avail Our Audit Services?

  • Obtain the highest level of coding accuracy possible
  • Identify service overbilling through charge capture audits
  • Optimize front-end and back-end billing processes to improve overall billing integrity
  • Meet financial and data-quality targets

Our Services Offers

  • Charge entry and Audit of Charge
  • Audit of Medical Coding
  • Audit of the Revenue Cycle
  • Audit of the Staff

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