Ambulatory Medical Billing

Ambulatory Medical Billing Services

Ambulatory care refers to medical services performed on an outpatient basis, without admission to a hospital or other facility it is provided in settings such as,offices of physicians and other health care professionals.

Star Pro understands the need for effective medical billing services, to meet your distinct needs, increases your procedural revenue and smoothly generating the process of claims.

Administrating a successful medical practice along with managing all management tasks and maintaining regulatory laws is a daunting task. Medical practices need to advance their organizational structure in order to improve their quality of services, reduce errors and to cut expenses. You need a compact and comprehensive system to manage all your practice’s issues. For all these and many other problems, outsourcing your medical billing to Star Pro billing company is a sagacious decision.

Stars Pro Benefits

  • Medical billing services can increase and improve your collections while accelerating cash flow.
  • Reduce your administrative costs by assisting you in all administrative tasks
  • Attain productivities that cannot be achievable by in-house billing
  • Compliance can follow determinedly and positively
  • Medical billing denial scan be minimized

Star Pro Proposes Best Medical Billing Services

Star Pro provides medical billing services to all specialties and all types of practices whether individual, group or employed. We are serving medical practitioners who can focus more effectively on providing health services while we will take complete care of their finances. Star Pro has a team of revenue cycle experts, certified and experienced coders, and patient care representatives who use advanced quality-driven technology to diligently accelerate the multiplex regulations adjoining reimbursement technique. We have integrated our billing and coding expertise with contemporary software programs to provide the maximum revenue cycle control strategies for your practice most effectively.

Star Pro Accurate Billing Services

Star Pro ensures that conformance is carefully included in our operations of billing as well as in practice management. Our software program is developed according to HIPAA compliance. We follow guidelines and processes with inner and outside audits completed by a professional team, in figuring out inaccuracies that might postpone or reduce compensation. Additionally, our comprehensive intelligence platform provides in-depth perception into all elements of your practice, which include provider productivity, so that you recognize precisely how your staff is appearing against desires. By relying on our professional staff, you will enjoy the long-term benefits that come with our medical billing professionals continuously providing accurate, efficient billing services for your specialized practice. Our medical billing professionals and coder are well versed with the codes of each billable claim and they remain devoted to all new and old codes and keep themselves updated with all changes in compliance rules.

Star Pro Medical Billing Company Improves Revenue

Stars Pro is a leading medical billing service enterprise that offers up-to-date revenue cycle management solutions designed to meet the needs of the changing healthcare industry. With our professional guidance and services for your practice, you may obtain more profits without wasting valuable time.

  • Data scrubbing and payer-specific rules processing and demographic verification
  • Customized, specific, and accurate coding
  • Eligibility verification for each insurance claim
  • Real-time, accurate claim submission
  • Payment posting and digital remittance handling
  • Complete accounts receivable control
  • Improved physician credentialing in the shortest time
  • Agreement modification reporting
  • Practice management assistance to all medical specialties
  • Physicians credentialing and re-credentialing services
  • Financial and medical reports generation for reconciliation

Star Pro Progressive Solution with Our Cloud-Based Integrated Software

Our professional billing experts are here to facilitate you in your medical billing problems. Star Pro proffers the results you want by taking ownership professionally and by integrating cloud-based generation through your modern-day in a continuously converting landscape. We make sure that through professional methods all sorts of common billing errors are avoided. We have developed a comprehensive automated software and systematic procedure that makes claim processing easier, coding more effective, and increasing monetary turnovers. With our cloud-based software, you may get the following advantages.

  • Eligibility, verification reduces denials and delays while accelerating the work and cash flow
  • Capture charges effectively, lessen reproduction facts entry, and reduce errors
  • Produce irrefutable claims robotically with our billing rules engine
  • Monitor all your claims, check their repute and notice what is being accomplished to get you paid
  • Streamline your daily working, managing all administrative tasks, dealing with, and completing all your billing obligations easily and electronically
  • Track your productivity and billing overall performance
  • We measure your key overall performance marks so we can actively look for approaches to discover your practice revenue
  • Support your staff’s incomplete practice’s workflow such as handling patients, importing documents, and sending secure messages
  • Get entire visibility at a look through showing you the complete picture of your practice’s health
  • We will assist you to get your files arranged and saved in an automated cloud-based system, to make it easy for you to access documents every time and from everywhere
  • You are allowed to have our software on your computers or any android devices by downloading our user-friendly app

Conclusive and Affordable Billing Services for all Medical Specialties

Star Pro is providing billing services to all health providers and on all stages of their practice. If you have recently established your practice the Star Pro will assist you in all the required stages. Our exceptional credentialing services will provide you with first-rate regulatory authorities and insurers in a minimum time duration. Our dedicated services will keep you away from audit regrets and litigation problems. Our contemporary technology will smartly solve all your billing issues and will increase your productivity and cash inflow instantly. We are adaptable in charge and offer customized services to each one of our valuable practitioners according to their respective needs and requirements.


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