Audiology Medical Billing

Audiology Medical Billing Services

Lots of surveys show that the audiology industry is expected to boom in the coming years, as the demand for hearing services increases with the larger aging population. Great advancement and progress have been made in health globally but hearing loss is still an epidemic among older folks. Increased lifespan also contributes to the industry demand, as those who live longer are more likely to develop hearing problems. While that does mean that more audiologists will be entering the field, that number is still relatively small.

Whether you’re just coming into the field or you’ve been at it for years, audiology billing is still a complex subject. There are hundreds of unique audiologist billing codes, many with minuscule differences which require extra attention to get right.

Balancing physician duties with the desk work required in doing in-house medical billing and coding can become a burden for both the time and energy of busy audiologists. You might find yourself spending more time studying audiology billing codes than seeing patients and even then, you might be leaving money on the table when you use the wrong codes.

Permit yourself more time to do what you do best. Find a medical billing professional expert and coder who understand audiology billing inside and out. Stars Pro has great experience working with audiologists, so we know how to maximize your revenue and free up your time to focus on your patients.

StarsPro Set the Bar for the Best Practices in Medical Billing Services

At Stars Pro, we incessantly increase revenue for our clients.  How do we manage it? We emphasize enhancing medical billing and coding processes to decrease the rejection rate of bills and increase reimbursement by continuous efforts. Statistics from our clients speak for themselves as we deliver the best medical billing services with efficient and contemporary practices. Our client satisfaction is a direct result of our focus on understanding how to significantly improve the financial operations of our valued physicians. We work in close communication with physicians and insurance and integrate ourselves into the growth of practices. We are not satisfied until you are!

The expectation from Star Pro If You Choose to Work with Us

Our Staff is an extension of your Staff. We become a team professionally and smoothly from the beginning.We collaborate as a team with your internal staff to provide support, training and development for your medical practice.

Our staff has a broad base knowledge of latest technological advancements and works diligently to keep themselves updated with latest advancements.

We have a team of medical billing professionals and coders. We are constantly assessing and evaluating insurance rules and regulations.

Benefits of working with Stars Pro

Personal accountability and individual customer care are part of our core values. A team member is always available to talk with you and find answers to your questions. It’s easy to do business with us. We know your business and we care. Outsourcing your medical billing is to Stars pro is the best decision. Physicians know that we can do it more efficiently and cost-effectively than doing it in-house. Helps you to save valuable time and increases the productivity of your practice.

Management and Regulation for our Clients at Star Pro

The development of your clinical practice greatly depends upon budgetary control. Our aim at Stars Pro is to provide all kinds of assistance to help the practices from micro to macro level and to enhance their economic stability and growth. As a professional clinical medical billing organization, we provide a thorough investigation of your present frameworks. We help in the arrangement of your practice from startup as Star Pro has the system to meet your requirements in all aspects of your practice.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing with Stars Pro

We will analyze your practice and give you the expected outcome if you switch to us, versus doing your billing in-house. We triple-verify each medical claim and track it daily, getting you money faster and saving you from stress.

You have access to our easy-to-use medical billing software, which is constantly updated to provide you with a hassle-free experience. We provide free training to your staff to save you time and money on bringing new employees up-to-speed.

We provide practice management consulting to help physicians manage and grow their practice. We follow all the big changes in healthcare and legal regulations, including Medicare and HIPAA, so you can spend more time doing what you love, by running your medical practice.


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