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Radiology specialist uses the techniques of imaging for the diagnosis and treatment of several diseases. Radiologists face several problems related to billing that include the increase in the cost of infrastructure, low reimbursement rate, and slow billing process. In order to sustain the profit of radiology medical services, it is important to maximize the reimbursements and accelerate the process of billing. Radiology billing services can have complications due to the continuous evolution and advancements in the technology related to radiology. So, there is often new addition to codes for billing new latest technology services and the billers need to be attentive and updated with the new codes. Radiology billing is divided into two parts, which are technical billing and professional billing. Equipment and machines used are billed under technical billing while the diagnostics and interpretation of results by the radiologists are billed under professional billing. Therefore, a well-trained and certified team of billing professionals is important to understand and deal with the complications of radiology billing. One of the best solutions to overcome problems related to radiology medical billing is to hire a billing company for your billing and coding services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Radiology Billing

Outsourcing the billing services has several benefits that are listed below.

  • Managing the radiology medical billing is very stressing and takes a lot of time. By outsourcing the billing department, the radiologists are able to perform their diagnostics and treatments in a better and a focused way because the extra burden of billing and coding is relived from their shoulders.
  • Billing process becomes fast by outsourcing because the medical staff are not trained enough to perform the billing in an efficient way. The unexperienced staff will take a lot of time to sort an issue that caused rejection of claim that will result in wastage of time as well as loss of revenue.
  • Cost of hiring extra staff for performing billing will be saved by outsourcing the billing department. Also, the hired billing staff will not be as trained and experienced as compared to the team of outsource company.

Thinking about outsourcing the radiology medical billing, the best company that will come to your mind is Stars Pro. Our company provides billing services that guarantee maximum reimbursement in the shortest span of time.

Stars Pro Radiology Billing Services

Stars Pro is a reliable company that provides complete radiology billing and coding services that will assist you in the timely submission of claims and quick reimbursement process so that a steady cash flow is maintained. Stars Pro has a lot of experience in handling several challenges faced during the billing process. The satisfaction of our clients is our first and foremost priority. We ensure a complete return in form of revenue for the services you are providing.

Radiology Billing Services Stars Pro Offers

Radiology billing keeps on evolving with the passage of time.  Stars Pro has an expert team for billing and coding that can perform the billing and coding accurately without any discrepancy. Below are few of the Radiology billing services that we provide.

  1. X-rays and Tomography Billing Services
  2. MRI Billing Services
  3. Ultrasound Billing Services
  4. Nuclear scan Billing Services
  5. Interventional Radiology Billing services

Stars Pro Radiology Billing Process

Stars Pro uses a validated procedure that speed up the process of billing and the payments are reimbursed fully and in time without any delay. Our experienced team is well aware about the assignments of the codes to different radiology procedures. Below are our Radiology billing process steps.

  1. Enrollment of the patients and the insurance company
  2. Verification and Authorization of the patients and the insurance company
  3. Coding and Billing
  4.  Claims Scrubbing to make them error free
  5. Submission of claims
  6. Follow up with the insurance company after submission
  7. Posting of payments in the accounts
  8. Audit of the payments
  9. Refusal Management and appealing
  10. Reports Generation

Why Outsource Radiology Billing Services to Stars Pro

Stars Pro is the leading company in Radiology Billing services that has won the confidence of a large number of clients in the past many years. Our experts are always busy providing quality services to the customers. Our validated procedure and regular follow-up with the insurance company help in the timely and maximum reimbursements of the claims. Below are some of the features that make us distinctive from other billing companies.

Flexible Pricing Packages

We have affordable and flexible pricing packages and customized services that are according to the requirement of the clients. No other company will offer services at such a low rate as we offer. Our customized services are hourly based, per unit work-based and percentage collection based. The clients can select one of them according to their requirements.

High Quality Services

Stars Pro has a great concern about the quality of the services. We have an expert quality assurance team that is responsible for quality control checks. The team goes through the documents several times before submission so that there is no chance of any error or discrepancy in data that can result in the denial or rejection of the claims.

HIPAA Compliant Services

We take strict action to follow HIPAA Compliance standards. Special arrangements are made to secure the privacy and confidentiality of the patients’ data as per HIPAA guidelines. Security measures are taken at the physical, network, and processing levels.

Well-Trained Specialist Team

We have a well-trained and experienced team of specialists. They have all the required skills that are important in the proper billing, coding, and submission of claims. They daily come across several issues that make them learn new skills. These skills help them in the timely reimbursement of claims without any denials that help in revenue generation.


There are multiple channels available for communication with us including calls and emails. Our call center team is available 24/7 to provide you on-call support and solve your queries related to billing. Clients are free to use any channel to resolve any issue or to raise any query at any time.


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