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­­Urology Medical Billing Services

Urology is a medical specialty concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the genitourinary tract.  It deals with the illness of urinary tract, male reproductive organ, bladder, urethra, kidneys, and adrenal glands.

Like many other areas of specialization in medicine, urology billings are complicated processes and errors are common and costly as well.  With procedures ranging from minor in-office actions to major procedures requiring hospital stays and follow-up treatments, getting all the coding right, and not overlooking anything is a source of frustration for many practices.

Advantage of Our Urology Billing Services

In order to stay solvent as a business, it is important to get paid for all services rendered, which requires making sure that the coders and billers understand all the procedures and the variables for each one. The correct use of modifiers in coding is also critical in these complex situations but even the smallest of errors can result in a claim rejection or denial, which essentially starts the coding and billing process all over for each claim that isn’t accepted.

Our Features in Urology

Stars Prourology billing services will furnish your practice with a highly trained staff that can handle all your billing chores with remarkable efficiency in a timely manner with the quality of our output up to the mark as per our client’s requirement.

Our Distinctive Features in Urology

  • Stars Prodistinct comprises amenity standards of excessive benefits in urology medical billing.
  • Knowing Our Customer is our foremost charge
  • Easy admittance to the patient reports
  • Quicker payments at exceptional rates
  • Online payment facilities
  • Constantly 24/7 accessible to offer support to clienteles
  • Follow up at both ends
  • Error-free documentation
  • Real report provision as per requirement
  • Privilege plan as early as imaginable with no miscalculations
  • Making flexible packages according to the needs of the customer
  • We are well conscious of guidelines and by-laws predominant in the market for medical billing and possess comprehensive information of any innovative variations in fundamental laws.

Stars Pro is knowledgeable partner in urology medical billing and revenue cycle management, which can help your practice ensure correct coding, compliance, efficient denial management, and a healthy revenue stream.

Stars Pro Medical Billing

Our urology billing management, which ensures competitive advantage through medical billing report in electronic form, analyzing denied claims and making follow-ups for efficient claim realization, provision of daily, weekly and monthly medical billing reports including ICD and CPT code analysis reports, coverage of all leading major health insurance providers, and arranging weekly meeting to discuss clients’ work status – is the prescription for maximizing clients ‘collections, lower operating cost, and improving medical efficiency.

Adding authority to our claim of being a leading medical billing consortium is the fact that Stars Pro urology billing specialists are known for efficient reimbursement of their clients’ medical bills with leading private insurance carriers such as United health, Wellpoint, Aetna, Humana, HCSC, Blue Cross Group, and Government sponsored Medicare and Medicaid as well.


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