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If you’re an expanding RPM/CCM practice in the USA and tired of complex and time-wasting insurance company demands and investing your valuable time in configuring precise RPM codes to avoid medical claim rejections, put an end to the struggle! Stars Pro offers hassle-free RPM billing services, enabling you to save time and concentrate on delivering high quality chronic care management services for your patients.

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Why Our Professional Remote Patient Monitoring Billing Services?

Stars Pro top-rank medical billing company also services remote patient monitoring specialists of USA, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare industry by streamlining (RPM) medical billing processes and facilitating the efficient management of remote patient monitoring services. We love innovation in healthcare technology and our mission is to empower healthcare providers and organizations to focus on delivering high-quality patient care while we take care of the financial aspects.
The rapid growth of artificial intelligence and fast growth of telehealth and remote patient monitoring, healthcare providers face unique challenges in accurately and timely billing for these services across the USA. We are pioneer of medical billing and have 15 years of experience, our expert team of chronic care billing specialists possesses extensive knowledge of the ever-evolving healthcare billing landscape, ensuring adherence to complex regulatory requirements and maximizing reimbursement for remote patient monitoring services.
Stars pro has great team of CCM billing expert, and they understand that each healthcare practice is unique, which is why our billing solutions are tailored to suit the specific needs of our healthcare specialists. By leveraging cutting-edge billing technology, our rpm billing experts streamline the billing process, minimize errors, and expedite claim submissions, leading to faster reimbursements and improved revenue cycles.

Our CCM Medical Billing Process

Stars Pro Remote Patient Billing Services

Stars Pro RPM billing specialists simplifies RPM/CCM billing procedures without unnecessary complexities. Our goal is to increase revenue and makes precision in managing reimbursement cycles. We maintain transparency in coding procedures from inception to completion to eliminate any confusion and error in remote patient monitoring billing. Below is complete process of chronic chare management billing.

Patient Enrollment and Eligibility Verification

Our medical billing experts check patient enrollment in the RPM program and verifying their eligibility for remote monitoring services. This step involves confirming insurance coverage and ensuring that patients meet the criteria for RPM billing.

Device Setup and Data Transmission

Set up the necessary monitoring devices for patients and establish a secure system for the transmission of health data. Ensure that devices are configured correctly, and data is transmitted accurately and in compliance with privacy regulations.

Monitoring and Collection of Health Data

Continuously monitor patients' health data collected by the RPM devices. This includes tracking vital signs, symptoms, and other relevant health metrics. Accurate and timely data collection is crucial for effective remote patient monitoring.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Analyze the collected health data to assess the patient's health status and identify any trends or anomalies. This step may involve the use of advanced analytics tools to gain insights into the patient's condition and determine appropriate interventions.

Documentation and Coding

Document the monitoring activities, health assessments, and any interventions performed. Assign the appropriate medical codes to ensure accurate billing. Proper documentation is essential for compliance with healthcare regulations and insurance requirements.

Claim Submission and Reimbursement

Prepare and submit claims to insurance providers or relevant payers. This involves compiling all necessary documentation, including medical records and coding information. Follow up on claims to ensure timely reimbursement and address any denials or issues that may arise.

What CPT Codes are Used by Healthcare Professionals in Chronic Care Management (CCM) Billing?

Stars Pro remote patient monitoring billing company offers a comprehensive range of result-oriented CCM billing services in USA, healthcare professionals use the follow CPT codes in reimbursement process. The most common remote patient monitoring (RPM) CPT Codes by healthcare professionals are:

CPT Code & Procedure

CPT Code 99454

The CPT Code 99454 is use to provide remote monitoring device. This code is used to bill for the supply and provision of the remote monitoring devices to the patient. It includes the cost of the devices and any necessary accessories.

CPT Code 99457

The CPT Code 99457 is being use to covers the remote monitoring and management of patient physiological data. It includes the review of patient-generated health data, communication with the patient or caregiver, and any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan based on the collected data.

CPT Code 99458

This code is an add-on code to 99457 and is used to bill for additional time spent on remote treatment management services beyond the initial time covered by 99457. It is typically billed in increments of 20 minutes.

CPT Code 99473

This code is used to bill for remote monitoring of physiological parameters, such as blood pressure, heart rate, weight, or blood glucose levels, through a digitally transmitted health record.

CPT Code 99474

Similar to 99458, this code is an add-on to 99473 and is used for additional time spent on remote monitoring of physiological parameters beyond the initial time covered by 99473.

CPT Code 99091

This code covers the remote collection and interpretation of physiologic data from a patient using digitally stored data. It requires at least 30 minutes of provider or clinical staff time during a calendar month.

Why We Are the Best Remote Patient Monitoring A/R Company in USA?

Why healthcare professionals consider us the top Chronic Care Management billing company in USA that can help you get more revenue? Stars Pro has an expert chronic care management account receivable team, with core expertise in medical account receivable services, delivers future-centric, custom-tailored services that drive impactful financial results to healthcare practices across all specialties.
At Stars Pro we specialize in providing comprehensive and efficient solutions for managing and optimizing the revenue cycle of healthcare providers. With years of experience in the healthcare industry, our team of dedicated professionals understands the unique challenges faced by medical practices and facilities when it comes to handling remote patient monitoring accounts receivable.
We recognize the critical role that accounts receivable play in the financial health of healthcare organizations. Timely and accurate reimbursement is essential to sustain operations, enhance patient care, and maintain profitability. However, the complexities of medical billing, coding, and insurance claims processing can often lead to delayed payments and revenue leakage.
At Stars Pro our mission is to alleviate the burden of managing accounts receivable, allowing healthcare providers to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional patient care across the USA. Our comprehensive suite of services covers the entire accounts receivable lifecycle, from claim submission and follow-up to denials management and appeals.

So, Why Stars Pro Chronic Care Management Account Receivable (CCM) Services?

CCM Billing and Coding Expertise

Stars Pro has an expert team of skilled coders and billers ensures that remote patient monitoring claims are accurately coded and submitted in a timely manner, reducing the likelihood of claim denials and delays.

CCM Claims Follow-up and Resubmission

Our remote patient monitoring team proactively follow up on pending claims, identify reasons for denials, and resubmit corrected claims promptly to maximize reimbursement.

Remote Patient Monitoring Denials Management

Stars Pro CCM billing experts meticulously review denied claims, address underlying issues, and initiate appeals when necessary to overturn denials and recover rightful payments.

Chronic Care Insurance Verification

We verify patient insurance coverage to prevent claim rejections due to coverage-related issues, reducing potential billing errors.

Remote Patient Payment Management

Our patient-centric approach includes handling patient billing inquiries, setting up payment plans, and facilitating collections to optimize patient payment outcomes.

Reporting and Analytics

This code covers the remote collection and interpretation of physiologic data from a patient using digitally stored data. It requires at least 30 minutes of provider or clinical staff time during a calendar month.

What is RPM Prior Authorization & CCM Retro-Authorization?

RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) prior authorization is a crucial step in healthcare administration. Stars Pro has an expert team of prior authorization experts, our rpm prior authorization experts will obtain approval from insurance providers or relevant entities before initiating remote patient monitoring services by providers. This rpm prior authorization process ensures that the planned RPM services meet the criteria for coverage and reimbursement. By seeking RPM prior authorization, healthcare providers aim to streamline the reimbursement process, optimize patient care, and adhere to insurance guidelines, ultimately enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of remote patient monitoring for improved patient outcomes.
Stars Pro top-rank medical billing and credentialing company of USA’s offers remote patient monitoring (RPM) Retro Authorization Services in all states. Our retro authorization specialists will obtain authorization from insurance providers or relevant entities after the provision of remote patient monitoring services has taken place inside the USA’s. Our team of retro authorization ensures that the RPM services rendered align with insurance criteria and guidelines for reimbursement. By securing retro authorization for RPM, healthcare providers aim to ensure proper reimbursement for services already provided, promoting financial viability and adherence to insurance regulations. These services play a pivotal role in optimizing the reimbursement process and maintaining the integrity of remote patient monitoring practices in the healthcare industry.

What Healthcare Specialists Say About Chronic Care Management Billing Services

At Stars Pro, we take care of the billing, coding, and credentialing for your remote patient monitoring services. Our skilled medical billing team boosts your RPM/CCM practice revenue by 30%, giving you more time to focus on patient care. Here is feedback from some of our healthcare specialists. We are proud to have assisted them in achieving their financial goals, and we value the positive words they have shared about our mental health billing services.


Stars Pro provides comprehensive RPM medical billing services, including patient enrollment, coding, data analysis, and claim submission to optimize reimbursement processes for our healthcare specialists in all states of USA.
Stars Pro has an expert medical billing team, our experts make ensures accuracy in coding, credentialing, and all other aspects of the billing process, reducing errors and streamlining operations.
Absolutely. Stars Pro’s skilled certified medical billing and coding team has a proven track record of boosting RPM/CCM practice revenue by up to 30%, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on patient care, while we will handle the operational tasks of your healthcare practice.
Mental health specialists working with Stars Pro have shared positive feedback, expressing gratitude for the assistance provided in reaching their financial goals through effective mental health billing services.
Stars Pro offers end-to-end support, guiding clients through the entire RPM billing process. From patient enrollment to claim submission and reimbursement, Stars Pro ensures a seamless experience, minimizing the challenges associated with RPM billing complexities.

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