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We are a trusted medical billing company committed to optimizing revenue for healthcare providers through accurate, efficient, and client-focused billing solutions.

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Stars Pro Medical Billing is a leading healthcare management company specializing in revenue cycle management solutions with a primary goal to optimize revenue and ensure compliance by bridging high-end technology and personnel working together in an efficient and cost effective manner. Stars Pro Medical Billing brings a unique industry perspective to its revenue cycle management solutions. Stars Pro Medical Billing actively manages and employs over 300 physicians working in a complete multi-specialty environment in multiple institutions. Also, Stars Pro Medical Billing providers comprise the entire medical staff of Hospitals and independent physician groups


Stars Pro®

The Healthcare Experts Most Trusted Company

Stars Pro® is a team of Expert Medical Billing and Coding Specialists passionate about providing high-quality medical billing and coding services and guaranteed provider enrollment services. With a diverse range of expertise, we strive to offer medical billing, medical coding, medical credentialing, prior authorization and retro authorization services. Our commitment to delivering accurate and helpful financial results ensures that our healthcare experts receive the best possible revenue. We are constantly adapting and learning to stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge and changes in CPT codes empowering us to address all practice issues and then solve them on priority basis.

Medical Account Receivable

Medical Accounts Receivable refers to the outstanding payments owed to healthcare providers for services rendered. It encompasses the financial aspect of medical billing, including tracking and managing invoices, collecting payments from patients and insurance companies, and resolving any outstanding balances. Stars Pro® skilled and efficient accounts receivable team plays a vital role in optimizing cash flow for healthcare practices by diligently monitoring and following up on outstanding claims, identifying and addressing any billing errors or discrepancies, and working towards timely resolution and collection. Our medical account receivable experts effectively manage medical accounts receivable, it will minimize revenue leakage, improve financial stability, and maintain positive relationships with patients and insurance providers.

Our Best Services

When it comes to medical billing, credentialing, medical A/R and practice billing audit, Stars Pro understands what it takes to deliver quality results. With a vast experience of working in the medical billing industry, we are confident that we can help your healthcare practices stand out financially.

Stars Pro® medical billing services provider billing specialists will increase your healthcare practice revenue, lower denials, and skip A/R delays.

Our credentialing specialists empower healthcare practices by simplifying the medical credentialing and enrollment process, enabling them to focus on patient care, main responsibility.
Revenue cycle management that makes physician lives better, exceed their expectations for cash recoveries, coding accuracy, and denial reversals.

Our telehealth medical billing services protect financial loss & deliver performance from a specialist team that cares.

Unsure why your practice revenue isn’t increasing? Our experts provide free audit services that deliver a medical billing strategy for your practice.

Stars Pro® offers the services of an experienced remote patient monitoring billing team to manage your chronic care healthcare practice and complete revenue for you.

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