Medical Credentialing & Enrollment Services

Credentialing is the process of provider credentials verification from Primary sources. You are required to go through the credentialing process if you are a health care provider and would like to join any Health insurance network.

The Credentialing Process takes anywhere between 1-4 months which can prolong to 1 year if it was not done properly, once you are approved from credentialing the next phase is Contracting which takes anywhere between 15-45 days.
It is the most hectic process that involves multiple application forms to be completed & submitted along with a number of documents.
There is no similarity in credentialing applications when it comes to different specialties, each specialty has different standard procedures.

Why Stars Pro Credentialing

We Provider One Stop Credentialing services starting from Your NPI Registration to Receive Reimbursements in your Bank account.

We are better because of the following:

  • Free Consultations
  • Free NPI Registration
  • Free CAHQ Registrations & Updates
  • Initial Submissions within 24 hours of your signup to expedite all your applications
  • 99.9% Clean Submissions
  • Timely response to insurance companies to avoid rejections
  • Monthly CAQH Attestations to avoid delays
  • Contract Negotiations to get you better Rates
  • Consistent follow-ups that enhance Credentialing processes
  • Real-time Reports that keeps you up to date with your statuses

Tips for Credentialing

Start Early

Start Credentialing atleast 120 days before you start seeing patients

Be Elaborate

Take enough time to complete paper work. Only tiny errors can cost weeks


Regularly check the status of your applications by following up with prayers


If your payer contact is not responding well. talk to a supervisor


Let credentialing Stars PMB experts do what they do best, i.e get you paid


Our Credentialing Services

  • Initial Credentialing & Enrollments
  • Re-Credentialing
  • Contracting & Negotiations
  • Licensing & Renewals
  • Malpractice Insurance Enrollments
  • DEA Registrations
  • Demographic Updates
  • Hospital Privileges
  • IPA Enrollments

Specialties We Handle

Stars Pro provides complete physician credentialing services adhering specialties to guidelines determined by state regulations, private and government payers, and hospitals.

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We can assist you in setting up your EDI/ERA/EFT setups with different insurance companies for electronic claims submissions, rejections, eligibility, payment information, denials, and electronic fund transfer.


Credentialing is not Just one time Job, Almost every insurance requires you to file your re-credentialing Or Re validations within a set time frame We make sure that you don’t miss a single notice that can cause your payment to be delayed or even Contract Termination. We know exactly when you are due for Re-Credentialing or Re-Validations and we file it before you know.

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