Durable Medical Equipment Medical Billing

Durable Medical Equipment Medical Billing Services

The term Durable Medical Equipment means any therapeutic medical equipment which is used by patients to enhance a better quality of living, from specified medical ailments- using equipment like iron lungs, oxygen tents, Nebulizers, CPAC, hospital beds, wheelchairs, blood testing strips, ventilators, kidney machines, etc. in their homes.DME billing is quite complex because of its intrinsic nature, prescribed by licensed physicians, therefore, for its billing, you need a team that is knowledgeable and experienced and has an in-depth knowledge of DME billing. Star Pro has a team of experts who understand the complications faced while filling DME claims.

Durable Medical Equipment

Star Pro billing company knows that the foundation of DME billing requires close surveillance and scrutiny to the quality of documents submitted that are devoid of denials and claims, therefore it’s vital to compile documents carefully before submission. Missing documents and non-compliance are some of the biggest reasons for a delay or denial of payments.

Star Pro Efficient DME Billing

The one thing that damages the revenue cycle is when we diminish and decrease reimbursements, especially when the cost of heavy- duty and imperishable medical equipment is costly. Unless, we take drastic step to compromise on quality control, the problems shall remain or will be re-occurring automatically, by themselves. Star Pro progressively checks policy compliances to make sure that the claims are accurate. When you hire our company, you will avail following services.

  • Our primary objective is to avoid documentation mistakes at all cost, therefore we provide experienced professionals to work on your practice. We make sure to diligently collect and update the data from your practice. We also make sure that privacy is strictly maintained in our data for an error-free billing process.
  • Our team of expertise sends regular statements, we make sure that the statements are without any errors before sending them.
  • Star Pro ensures that we resolve all sorts of payment variances with the help of our experts. Hence, if you feel that the reimbursed value is lesser than your required expectations our team will come into action immediately to resolve your complaints by filing appeals immediately without putting our client into any further ordeal.
  • Generally, the perception of filling forms is overlooked as a fairly easy process, however, it can be tricky and complex as it is the most vital step for processing claims. Star Pro handles the process of filing of claims as an individualistic task, keeping in mind the unique standards that differ from patient to patient. Therefore, DME requires extra vigilance while handling the fill-outs.
  • We regularly generate custom reports on DME services availed by your patients so that you are updated about your financial performance.
  • Stars Pro reviews your practice financial performance regularly to make ensure maximum growth.
  • Our team in Stars Pro continuously collaborates with insurance companies to negotiate fees, annual inflation effects, and the variations in the cost of living so that you gain higher profits after submissions.

Why Choose Star Pro?

Stars Pro understands how vital it is to enter accurate details without any delays or denials and also ensures that all bills set forth with impeccable information as we understand the significance of entering details correctly so that there are no delays or denials. We conducts quality checks at multiple levels to ensure the accuracy of data whether, it is superbill or an encounter form, our trained staff will accurately and efficiently enter details related to patient demographics, CPT and ICD codes along with modifiers, number of units, and date of service.

Star pro realizes that accurate medical coding is very important for all health providers. Star Pro can help you ensure compliance with government regulations and coding accuracy. Only after scanning your patient records, our dedicated team of experts will analyze your files daily. In the end, our team of specialists will also check your claims keeping quality assurance at the top. Stars Pro has the capability to be updated in all the latest technological advancements and changes so that it can perform quality up-gradation at all levels.


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