Acupuncture Medical Billing

Acupuncture Medical Billing Services

One of the many ordeals and responsibilities of owning an acupuncture practice is having an effective billing system. Acupuncture requires efficiency, concentration and precision, therefore, Stars Pro understands the complexities of working with insurance companies, sharing their load to make their work easy and speedy.

Acupuncture Medical Billing Company

Stars Pro pursues exclusively, specializes in medical billing for all hospitals and medical practices as we understand the complexities of dealing with Insurance companies is a time taking process. We are competent and efficacious in making the process easy for the practitioner, hence, providing them with free time and breathing space, and professional satisfaction.

Why choose Stars Pro?

 Partnering with Stars Pro will be an agreement that will have a lasting impact on the financial health of your practice and is a key component to a successful billing partnership. We make sure that follow the 3 basic standards are attained for all our clients.

Data Security

We are committed to keeping your Protected Health Information (PHI) safe and secure. It is a very big red flag and is a priority for us, to deliver a high level of security when it comes to your data.

Provide Easy Access to Your Claims Data

Stars Pro never restricts you from your own data. You will always be able to run reports to measure the effectiveness of our billing services. We help in managing your revenue cycle more efficiently and it should be in a way that benefits your practice and their overall operations. By performing all of the billing functions off of your practice’s existing EHR software, your practice can maintain the visibility on the revenue side that you would have should the billing be carried out in house. 

Detailed Useful month end reports

Measuring and analyzing your patient and billing data on a monthly basis are necessary to the success of your medical practice. This data tells you which areas of your medical practice are performing well after Stars pro services and which areas maybe need some work either on your end or by ourmedical billing team. By reviewing past performance data and patterns, we can set realistic expectations and develop effective ways to meet them.


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