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Looking for Medical Billing Services in Oakland? It’s our main responsibility that you don’t have to worry about revenue losses and can instead focus on patient care. Quality of care is critical for the modern healthcare system to thrive. Aside from Medical Billing, we also provide Medical Coding and Account Receivable Management Services. Having an in-house Revenue Cycle Management team can be more expensive. As a result, outsourcing medical billing to Stars Pro is the best option. Our experts will assist you in saving money and reducing the stress associated with losing money. Allow us to manage your medical practice.

Expert Biller & Coders

As your medical billing service provider, we are an extension of your staff. Finding the right partner that understands your practice, specialty and billing needs can be difficult. Stars Proa trusted independent billing company that knows the industry and will optimize your reimbursements.

Complete Patient Billing

Stars Pro professionals take care of complete patient billing services for your practice, so you can focus on what is the most important patient care. Our coders are skilled and competent, with experience in more than 30 medical specialties.

Billing Sophistication

Stars Pro certified team will eliminate revenue loss by streamlining your practice entire workflow, from eligibility verification, to check in, co pay collection and helping you to optimize revenue collection.

Data Security

We are committed to keep your Protected Health Information (PHI) safe and secure. It is our top priority, to deliver a high level of security when it comes to your data.All our office workers are trained and informed about current HIPAA activities and aim to keep our office compliant.

Follow-up & Appeals

Stars Pro A/R specialists will take quick and effective action to ensure timely reimbursements, keeping you up-to-date on A/R follow up, appeals and denials. It is our responsibility that keeps our providers updated about the statuses of claims and reasons for delays.

Better Cash Flow

In healthcare Cash flows act as the lifeblood of any practice, and healthcare providers are no different. Stars Pro professional revenue cycle management services offer experienced biller and coders who can expertly handle all types of medical claims on the first submission.

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Choosing us as your medical billing partner will help you increas

the profitability of your practice. Furthermore, we build trust-based relationships with transparency at every stage. Our HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing enables practices to submit clean claims in accordance with the standards of the healthcare industry. Allow Physicians Revenue Group Inc. to manage your revenue cycle and increase the efficiency of your practice. Schedule a call with one of our RCM experts and share your concerns. Get the best medical billing services in Oakland right now.

Medical Billing Services in Oakland can help you increase your revenue

We provide customized solutions to healthcare practices in the United States and establish trusting relationships with them. Furthermore, we are the Best Medical Billing Company in Oakland because of our proactive approach to submitting clean claims for practices. Our services can assist you in achieving better financial outcomes and thriving in the competitive healthcare industry.

Fast Claim Submission & Flexible Pricing

Our team comprises quality control experts who thoroughly evaluate the claims. We also make sure that the claims are faster and accurately processed by the insurers. Our services are quite budget-friendly and are affordable for all types of practices. We have different packages for small, mid-sized, and large-scale practices.

Useful Reports

Measuring and analyzing your patient and billing data on a monthly basis is necessary for the success of your medical practice. This data tells you which areas of your medical practice is performing well after Stars pro services, and which areas may need some work either on your end or by ourmedical billing team. By reviewing past performance data and patterns, we can set realistic expectations and develop effective ways to meet them.

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Stars Pro® Medical Billing inventive model is one of the fastest growing physician practice communities in the United States. We are dedicated to lashing change in the medical community by providing progressive, state-of-the-art solutions. Through our Channel Partnerships.

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