Podiatry Medical Billing

Podiatry Medical Billing Services

Podiatry medical billing is quite complicated than others specialties billing for many reasons. The procedures and rules for Podiatry medical billing vary in many different aspects depending upon the insurer. Problems with foot injuries are quite common especial in the aging population that is why it has an abundance in regards to patients and quite commonly these issues occur in every human being on this planet. Therefore, for this particular field special and additional set of coding and billing rules have been developed.

Stars Pro All in One Billing Solution

Stars Pro believes that medical billing and medical collection process is a critical to practice efficiently for a lot of billing companies and the billing workflow are key factors in helping many medical practices to increase their income and enhance revenue management.

 Stars Pro understands the complexities of clinical and intrapreneurial business needs of the latest Podiatry practices. We make sure that from your front desks to your examination rooms, to your surgical centers and imaging, our All-rounder billing services help to increase your business efficacy and profitability. And also assist you in ways that helps you to maximize your time with your patients.

Stars Pro Podiatry Medical Billing and Coding Services

Podiatry has the most complex coding and billing issues of all the medical specialized fields. Some of the vital challenges faced and solved by our expert team at Stars Pro are as follows

Distinguishing whether coding is required or not

Stars Pro team knows that often in Podiatry Practice, treatment varies from patient to patient, that means that a similar ailment can be a small thing for someone and the same ailment can be a serious cause for concern for another patient. Therefore, our experienced and expert coders have the ability to make the right decisions for your billing.

Rules for Modifiers

Stars Pro understands that modifiers are subcategories of coding the show the details of a diagnosis and treatment. These help to access whether the treatment or diagnosis should be covered or not. Podiatry is one medical specialization where insurers set different rules for modifiers from each other, hence, making it vital for coders to understand what each company uses to make decisions about what is covered.

Procedures of Insurances

Stars Pro expert team efficiently handles the procedures being performed so that they are able to determine when bundles are incorrect or have errors and that they know when to enter the data correctly, and how to handle the appeal exactly when the insurer requirement consequently result in non-payment.

Changes in Location

Stars Pro knows the complexity of billing in the Podiatry practice because podiatric procedures can be performed from anywhere like offices, hospitals, and nursing homes, etc. Our team knows what rules should be followed for payers and modifiers simultaneously. Our team knows the sensitivity of how easily a conflict may arise which can lead to claim rejection. Therefore, we deal with caution and care.

Benefits of Outsourcing Podiatry Billing

Stars Pro knows and understands the complexities and challenges of Podiatry medical billing. We understand that Podiatric doctors have to deal with countless complex situations, procedures, treatments, and preventive healthcare decisions, in light of a diverse range of diagnostic and treatment options and steps. Also, the healthcare coverage procedures are quite complex. Therefore, it is very important to manage your revenue cycle and ensure that maximum reimbursement is possible with accurate coding and claim submission processes.

Outsourcing Stars Pro will help you to realize that we have the specialized knowledge and resources to provide accurate and timely medical billing services for your practice. Stars Pro team of professionals will help you to get maximum reimbursement with accurate claims and fewer discrepancies.

Stars Pro medical billing company provides customized and individual solutions for all kinds of medical professionals from physicians, multi-specialty groups, clinics, diagnostic facilities to hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers.

Stars Pro is a Pro at Technology

We make sure that our clients do not invest on expensive technology and software that only becomes obsolete with time, instead we invest in improving our expertise and technologies rather than risking your capital. Stars Pro will provide a secure and HIPAA- compliant system for your valuable data. Stars Pro is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure you get the best possible services. Stars Pro makes use of critical insights to take greater control of your business. Contact us at your earliest for further queries and information.

Stars Pro Helps you to Get Paid Faster

We at Stars Pro understand the scuffle and labor between payers and providers over insurance compensation. Miscoding and errors are the biggest cause of rejected claims and delayed payments, therefore, our expert and efficient team handle these matters with accuracy and ensures that from data entry to claims submission, we ensure your checks are received by you promptly. Stars Pro knows how to serve right from start to finish.

Stars Pro Provides Benefits of Insurance Eligibility

Stars Pro believes quite strongly that choosing for insurance verification service in the biggest question mark and dilemma for many podiatry practitioners. Therefore, Stars Pro makes huge effort in gaining trust and faith of their clients because verifying medical insurance eligibility of patients is of utmost importance as it directly affects the cash flow of every healthcare organization.

Below are some of the reasons as to Why Stars Pro is keen on its commitment to its clients.

Updating Verification on Regular Basis

Our team helps to update eligibility verification services continuously as it is the most worrisome question for many organizations. Therefore, we take away this worry and make sure to provide our clients with updated verification continuously so that they never have to face any disturbance in their cashflows and their work is done effectively and timely.

Regularly Checking Eligibility Responses

Stars Pro professional and experienced team consistently checks on eligibility responses, which helps to enhance the efficiency of process significantly. This approach will march our clients towards superior patient experience and minimum rejections.

Facilitating Reimbursement Opportunities

Lastly, Stars pro will help to facilitate additional reimbursement opportunities by electronically corresponding self-pay patients with managed databases. This will also help in discovering patient who might have coverage and then further help to classify them and finally submitting their claims. Thus, Stars Pro Is a Stars in easing our clients from burdens and trial, helping them to grow and flourish their practice with time.


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