Plastic Surgery Medical Billing

Plastic Surgery Medical Billing Services

Before outsourcing a billing service you need to ask yourself the following question.

  • After completing the plastic surgery, are you getting fully reimbursed?
  • Are you agitated by incompetent follow-up with insurers?
  • Is your valuable time, energy, and resources being unduly wasted?

If yes, then it is time for you to make some serious changes in your practice by hiring professionals like Stars Pro to handle your billing challenges using the latest technology and software.

Stars Pro Plastic Surgery Billing Services

Stars Pro has a highly effective and professional plastic surgery billing services. Stars Pro provides its clients with a timely and up to date reimbursement system which is consistent and predictable. Stars Pro has worked tremendously hard to develop a billing service which is compatible in providing services through a knowledgeable team of staff, who are experienced in rectifying all areas of conflict before and after the plastic surgery process.

Stars Pro staff has over the time build a strong reputation on understanding all the degrees pertaining to whom to bill and how and when to secure their payments. Since, the constant change in regulation of payments that go through continuous change our team works diligently to build a binding relationship with our clients to maintain their critical accounts which are payable timely to the insurance company responsible for your payments. This entire process demands excellent organizational skills, for which Stars Pro keeps on training its valuable team. We work hard to dismiss the risk of rejection and we make sure that billing should be followed by coding audits to ensure that every code is precise and ready for submission.

StarsPro also offers the following services for plastic surgeons

  • Electronic billing services to the government and other payers
  • Evaluation of contracts and consultations
  • Prompt submission of claims without wasting a day
  • Discrepancies in rules and code
  • Scrutiny of payments and fee
  • Analysis of current market
  • Upgrading software solutions and credentialing of physicians
  • Managing contracts carefully
  • Successfully collecting payment from insurance providers, as well as, custom reporting and coding audits.
  • Building a strong relationship between payer and patient.

Stars Pro Procedure for Plastic Surgery Billing

Partnering with Stars Pro will be a long-term agreement that will have a lasting impact on the financial health of your practice and is a key component to a successful billing partnership. We make sure that the following basic standards are attained for all our clients during the plastic surgery billing process.

Verifying Eligibility for Insurance

We at Stars Pro make sure to thoroughly check the eligibility of claims when the patient checks in by assessing their documents and their financial records.

Process of Coding

We make sure to check all medical invoices for surgery, diagnosis, and other procedures are coded under the accurate coding system, and if any problems occur we rectify them beforehand.

Payment Entry System

We make sure that all patient payments and invoices are coded and documented accurately, as the fee or price of plastic surgery will be based on the amount that has been entered into the system.

Submission of Claims

Once the payment details are documented accurately, we immediately start the process of submitting claims for reimbursement from the insurance agency.

Entering of Payment

Once the payment is secured from the insurer, we send it to the patient’s account personally for their individual appeasement.

Regulation for Appeal and Denial

If by any chance the submitted claims are incomplete, we carry out a prompt investigation for appeal, denials, and resubmission.

Why choose stars pro as your billing service?

We at Stars Pro make immense efforts in training our staff extensively to ensure that our team is aware of all the ongoing processes and also to familiarize them with the plastic surgery industry so that they are able to do the process of billing accurately. Our specialized training helps to diminish insurance denials and helps to speed up the overall revenue cycle, resulting in huge monetary savings for our esteemed clients. However, if denials emerge, our team of specialists are fully trained to tackle the denied claims process while immediately expediting appropriate appeals. We can be your first choice.

Stars Pro is Certified and Professional

Stars Pro has vast experience and a dedicated team of experts who strictly follow the codes and definition specified for plastic surgery and are a pro at digital medical billing.

Stars Pro secures Your valuable data

Stars Pro has the latest and most reliable software to secure and handle your precious data with accountability and confidentiality. We will be your peace of mind and deal with all your documentation until we complete your payment.

Precision in Billing

We understand that if we are not careful and precise billing errors can cause short pay of denial of payments. Our professional and efficient team make sure that the process of plastic surgery billing is done with careful attention to details and data entry.

Efficiency and Innovation

Stars Pro medical and billing coding services allow our clients and their staff to commit themselves and their attention explicitly to patient care, while our team will devote our services to increase your revenue efficiently by filling claims and managing your rejections and denials. Stars Pro certified and trained specialists have the experience which is necessary to avoid coding errors and taking care while charting and coding compliance, filling annual payer adjustments and collecting you bills so that your revenue cycle is completed in due time.

Certification and Experience

Stars Pro deals with all medical practices in all fields, and we have a team of billing and coding specialists who not only use the latest software but are certified and experienced in physical therapy, therefore, we are confident in managing and resolving any problems that may occur at the point of time.

Stars Pro the Best Choice for your Business

Stars Pro makes huge effort in gaining trust and faith of their clients because verifying medical insurance eligibility of patients is of utmost importance as it directly affects the cash flow of every healthcare organization.

Stars pro will help to facilitate additional reimbursement opportunities by electronically corresponding self-pay patients with managed databases. This will also help in discovering patient who might have coverage and then further help to classify them and finally submitting their claims. Thus, Stars Pro is a Stars in easing our clients from burdens and trial, helping them to grow and flourish their practice with time.


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