Optometry Medical Billing

Optometry Medical Billing Services

Optometrists attend many patients during the day. People usually go for their eye checkup when they cannot see properly or when their eyes are infected. Optometrists usually see 30 to 50 patients in a day so it’s little busy profession but it does not require that much time as other professions do like gynecology, oncology, urology, neurology etc. Practitioners can easily make money by attending few patients and their job is not that tough as compared to other doctors. But they don’t earn that much as other physicians.

Like all other medical fields need equipment, test machines, and more free space clinics. Optometrists also demand equipment and free space clinics but it’s not possible without investment. As we know that hiring new staff and buying expensive equipment is not easy for an ordinary to be done and so to establish their name in the medical world and to excel in their profession. So they contact many investment companies that are willing to invest their money in this field. Many companies agree to invest as they know that they will get their investment back with double profit.

Benefits of Outsourcing Optometry Medical Billing

  • Less expense and inventory
  • Cost reduction  
  • Less staff
  • Data security
  • Increase in bills and appointment
  • Billing activity will be done as day to day activity

Stars Pro Billing Medical Billing Service

By hiring Stars Pro you will get those advantages which will help in expanding your business and income, by this decision of yours’s, Work will get simpler than any time in recent memory. Getting more appointments and treating more patients is a dream job for any ophthalmologist. Our organization will guarantee you that there would be zero % possibility of any error. This will help you in getting more benefits and incomes. It will diminish the cost and expense. The entirety of the financial statements will be held by Stars Pro and also the claims from the insurance agency.

Stars Pro works on patients information on daily basis, Billers update all the information as day to day activity, clinical reports are additionally changed over in codes, By examining and bringing all the data about the patient our billers make the correct hospital expense and the insurance claim. Our team of billers and coders are experts in handling your day to day activities such as claims, Financial reports and Insurance work. Charging is the exact opposite thing while at the same time getting treated, our billers assemble all the information about the expense done on treatment and surgery to create bill for them.                  

Working for both the parties is not a simple work yet our organization works for both the patients and medical care suppliers. Stars Pro  nearly engage each sort of medical care supplier like clinics, facilities, professionals and so on refreshing every one of the day by day practices is definitely not a significant task to be done however our billers guarantee that there is no error in it. Every one of the professional working in organization is supervised by the expertise for the quality.

Stars Pro clinical charging administration has an enormous encounter of charging and the aptitude working for our organization are notable for their abilities and experience. Every one of the intricacies in organizations is typically looked at by professionals, yet our genius star aptitude is consistently there with the correct answer to assisting them with creating an enormous measure of income.


Stars Pro Team of billers and customer care are available 24 hours every day. Stars Pro is committed to the work that is the explanation of our professional’s reaction the inquiries in a powerful and quick way so our customers consistently get fulfilled. Our group of experts can help you with just a call or an E-mail.

Flexible Pricing

Stars Pro pricing strategy is bit different than others we usually charge on the basis of the work which a client hand over to us. Our prices are the most affordable prices in the market and are very easy to pay.

Patients Data Security

Information technology is the new essence of our present world, IT assume vital part in each field however in healthcare it has its own appeal, sharing your customers information with no engagement from any other is the main thing in information security, and that is the explanation our organization has set of specific set of skills by which they handle the data very carefully, our experts are consistently there to help the customers in getting their clinical reports and bills. Our customers can without much of a stretch access their data through our cloud framework which has its own check framework.

To keep up our trust with the customers enlisted with us, our experts even are regulated by the ability to get defect less work. Nobody can get to the data from our IT department, assuming a customer needs another person to get the reports, a particular consent structure is given to the customer which must be filled for offering admittance to that individual.


Stars Pro keeps the standards of HIPAA, All the cases must be submitted by an electronic form.


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