General Surgery Medical Billing

General Surgery Medical Billing Services

General Surgery is a much wide field under which many subspecialties are covered. Surgery is a complex process and needs a lot of focus and a stress-free environment. Surgeons have to work hard and for long hours to perform difficult and complicated surgeries. They do not have any spare time to make efforts in sorting out the billing issues. There are certain issues related to general surgery billing that make it a bit difficult, confusing, and quite challenging as compared to other medical billings. A few of them are listed below

  • One time a visit to a doctor for the diagnosis may be considered separate from surgery while the other time both the diagnosis and surgery may be billed together. Only a trained and professional biller can correctly denote that which applies in which circumstances.
  • Generally, the surgery treatment procedures are simplified by eliminating the need for details of code for each part of surgery and the care. As the package will cover everything that may be involved in the surgery, it may result in the denial of the huge part of claims that will not be paid.
  • As the surgery has multiple parts and many people are involved in it, some things might be missed from the bill that will result in the loss of revenue. This is called underbilling, in which some of the services are left from being billed.

In order to avoid such kinds of situations and confusion, one of the best solutions for this problem is outsourcing surgery billing and coding.

Benefits of Outsourcing General Surgery Billing to Stars Pro

First and most important benefit of outsourcing the general surgery billing is that it relives the surgeons and the other medical staff from the headache to deal with billing related issues that occur on daily basis. Medical staffs who are not much experienced enough in billing take hours to sort out the rejected claims. In this way a lot of time will be wasted and it will also result in the revenue lost.

Outsourcing the surgery billing will also reduce the cost of hiring the employees for the billing purpose. Also, the outsourced staff will be more experienced in billing and will have more expertise in billing services.  

When talking about outsourcing Stars Pro is the best company that will come into your mind. Stars Pro provides accurate services and makes sure that maximum claims are reimbursed for the surgeries and procedures without any rejection with a minimum delay.

Stars Pro General Surgery Billing Services

Stars Pro is an experienced and reliable company that will take good care of the billings of your surgery services. We have many years of experience handling different challenges faced in billings of general surgery. Our clients are highly satisfied with our services and we are always their first priority to outsource their billing services. We provide complete and extensive billing and management services to a large number of hospitals and surgery centers. We make sure that you get the optimum and ideal return for the services you are providing.

Billing Services Stars Pro Offers

The services included in our billing are

  • Management of the accounts receivable
  • Verification and authorization of eligibility in the system
  • Processing of claims within maximum of 12 hours
  • Claims scrubbing to make sure there is no mistake in the claims that may lead to denial
  • Handling of calls related to billing
  • Performance of regular quality control checks
  • Performance of quarter-based updates of codes
  • Generating and sharing monthly reports with the customers
  • Regular meetings on weekly basis with clients for discussion of the progress of various projects
  • Integrate complex codes and rules of the general surgery billing
  • Sharing codes for surgical processes
  • Use of surgery billing terminology
  • Provision of code variations that are associated with various procedure rules

Why Outsource to Stars Pro General Billing Services

Stars Pro has vast experience of working with various hospitals and providing extensive surgery billing services. Our aim is to provide our clients high returns on their services at a very cost-effective rate without any compromise on the quality of services and patient support. Following are some of the important benefits of outsourcing your surgery billing to our company.

High Quality Services

Stars Pro is one of the leading companies in providing billing services and will never compromise on the quality of services.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Our services for billing solutions are at very cost-effective and competitive prices. We guarantee you that no other company will provide you services at a low cost as we offer. We have various flexible pricing packages according to the need and requirements of our clients.

Patient Data Security

Security of the patient’s data is our serious and foremost priority. We have a very strict security policy that is to be followed by everyone. Your data will be in safe hands with us and we are always extra careful while handling the data. We make sure that the patient’s data is only accessible to the concerned and authorized personnel only.

HIPPA Compliance

Stars Pro General Surgery Billing services are completely HIPAA compliant. We have trained our employees to strictly follow the rules and standards set by HIPPA for the patient’s sensitive data security. Security measures have been taken physically, on the network, and in the processing of the data to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Expert Team

We have an experienced and trained team that has a wide range of experience of working with various hospitals and centers. Our highly professional team has dealt with all types of problems and issue that can occur during a billing process and that make them expert in their field.

Smooth Billing Process

Stars Pro uses structured systematic and fully streamlined processes for making our billing services smooth and fast.

Tools and Technologies

Latest tools and technologies are used by our professionals that help them in providing high quality and quick services. These tools can be used to connect with the client company’s software and the data.

Quick Response

Our team is always available to give you timely and professional responses to your queries and try to provide you solutions to your issues at the earliest.


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