ENT Medical Billing

ENT Medical Billing Services

ENT all over the world need stress free environment to work effectively and efficiently, as the treatment of Ear, Nose, and throat is not an easy job. Patients are the most important Core factor to be satisfied, and whereas patients also need proper care and attention from the doctor they are being treated. Getting a department for billing services can increase the cost which will reduce the revenue to be generated. Maximum output with a minimum amount of input is the ideal situation for a workplace.

Benefits of Outsourcing ENT Medical Billing

By outsourcing the billing services the cost of hiring employees can be reduced, the documentation between the client and company is the full responsibility of our company. Stars Pro has the professionals working under strong supervision of expertise that there would be zero error. Daily transactions and financial statements are scanned and observed. As the mission of our company is to give satisfaction to the clients, we assure 100% guaranteed work so that our client’s trust remains with us.

Stars Pro an ENT Medical Billing Company

Hiring Stars Pro is a best step to be make but when you take a decision of getting a company involved life becomes easier. Reducing the staff and getting more free time is a joy you can ever dream it helps in getting more profits and revenues while it decreases the cost and burden of hiring, recruiting, training employees as well, time to treat your patients increases as well because of the time saved by the company already working for you billing services.

Innovations in businesses are taking place globally as the workforce is getting increased day by day, independent ENT specialists are facing many challenges in financial problems plus the coding and financial statements regarding their accounts. Our Stars Pro job is to help ENT in generating revenue, specialists and expertise are always there to handle patients billing, accounts receivables and financial reports. As many other ENT specialists trust us in this varied industry.

Stars Pro Expert ENT Medical Billing Team

With nearly a decade of experience in medical billing services, our experts are well known for the service they provide. A wide range of complexities in these businesses are faced by the physicians but our billers are there to provide solutions and help them to grow their businesses.

Processing and Tracking Claims

Stars Pro and its efficient team and software help you in the billing and processing of claims related to the patient treatments, diagnoses and medications. Stars Pro understands that maintaining patient records is very necessary and important when we have to interact with health insurance agencies while issuing invoices for claims. We know that effective medical claims management is vital for your growth in your medical practice.

Stars Pro Flexible Pricing Packages

Pricing in our company is bit different according to the services we provide there are many ways to get into the pricing as packages are declared by Stars Pro which can be paid by following steps;

  • Percentage-wise flexible packages
  • Overall annual financial payment percentage package  
  • Contract base Packages

Percentage wise packages

This package includes the percentage of the revenue generated, package consist of a fixed percentage which will automatically be transacted by the company with an electronic receipt that will be shared with the client.

Over all annual financial payment percentage package

It’s about the annual billing, when calculating all the annual financial reports the company deducts the amount which has been declared and both parties are agreed on.

Contract base package

A contract base package is the one in which both the parties come to a specific amount that has to be paid at the end of the month. And it is the easiest and simple package.

Stars Pro Patient Data Security

Information of our clients are safe with us as we do not compromise on our security which are highly supervised by our IT department, Cyber security cell department stick to the policy. The information and all the financial statement along with coding are only shared with the clients

The Cloud system of our company confirms all the clients by a verification system to get their data quick and easy, Access to the coding, financial reports, and the medical reports are very easy to get once registered in the system. Many of our clients are truly satisfied by our security system as no complaint about data has been submitted.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA rules and regulations like claims have to be submitted electronically, but how ever there is an exception that under ten practicing employees can use manual claims. But getting into the manual claim can get more time that doing it in faster way like electronic one.


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