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Outsourcing your practice’s telemedicine billing to Stars Pro is the easiest way to collect full reimbursement for the patients that you treat remotely.

Billing for telemedicine and telehealth services has presented new challenges for healthcare organizations that were not providing remote care prior to COVID-19.

Healthcare organizations and physicians who weren’t providing telemedicine services pre-COVID were quick to implement technologies that enabled telehealthcare.

For many of these groups, they have experienced difficulties actually collecting reimbursement for the remote care that they have provided.  The solution is outsourced Telemedicine Billing from Stars Pro Medical Billing.

Stars Pro offers affordable and effective Telemedicine Billing Services

With tens of thousands of telehealth claims submitted and millions in telehealth charges collected for our clients, Stars Pro is your Revenue Cycle Partner to get your telehealth claims submitted correctly, paid to contract, and paid quickly.

Telehealth Billing Expertise

Clean telehealth claims means faster payment

Claims Handeled for All Payers

We handle telehealth claims for Medicare, Medicaid and private payers

Keep Focus on your Patients

We stay up to date on Telehealth rules so you dont have to

Powerful Reasons to Provide Telehealth Services to your Patients

Demand for telehealth services was steadily growing through early 2020.  With the onset of COVID-19, patient demand and adoption for telehealth services from their physicians has exploded.  Patient demand and the revenue opportunities it presents for physicians is here to stay.

  • Demand for telehealth services in 2020 alone is projected to rise by 65%.
  • Patients are insisting for remote care. There may be 1 billion total telehealth visits in 2020.
  • Telehealth demand is expected to show a 5-year compound annual growth rate of 38% through 2025.

Provide the care your patients are demanding and earn the reimbursement you’re owed with Stars Pro Telehealth Billing Service.

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