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Our Telehealth billing company is built on a clever blend of technical medical billing, telehealth A/R, telehealth credentialing, prior authorization, and medical billing audit. A 200-strong team of in-house medical billing specialists and credentialing experts will help your Telehealth practice dominate your field and become recognizable in healthcare industry of USA.

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Why Stars Pro Telehealth Billing Services for Your Healthcare Practice?

When it comes to Telehealth Billing Services, Stars Pro understands what it takes to deliver financial results. With a vast experience of working in the Telemedicine Billing, we are confident that we can help your healthcare practice grow financially. We have an expert telehealth medical billing team will process and submit claims for healthcare services provided through telecommunication technologies.
Our experts have great knowledge of coding diagnoses and procedures, will verify patient insurance coverage, and submit claims to insurance companies for reimbursement. Telehealth billing follows similar principles to traditional medical billing but may have specific guidelines and requirements based on the telehealth services provided. The main goal of Stars Pro is to ensure accurate and timely reimbursement for telehealth services rendered to patients.
Our Telehealth billing company is ideal for healthcare specialists needing fast, accurate telehealth reimbursement. We have an expert Telehealth medical billing and coding team adopt a flexible & accurate method in reimbursement process. We have expertise in telehealth billing practices and stay updated with the latest regulations and guidelines related to telehealth reimbursement. Our services typically include coding, claim submission, insurance verification, payment posting, denial management, and revenue cycle management. By outsourcing telehealth billing to Stars Pro, healthcare providers can streamline their billing processes, improve reimbursement rates, and focus more on patient care.

Mastering the Accurate Approach

Telehealth Medical Billing Services Optimization – Our Professional Approach

Experience efficiency with professional Telehealth billing services, optimizing your telemedicine healthcare practice financial health through a strategic approach for unmatched results in telehealth medical billing. Here is how we simplify your billing process:

Eligibility Verification

We verify patients' insurance coverage and eligibility for telehealth services. Confirm that the specific telehealth services provided are covered under the patient's insurance plan.

Coding and Documentation

Accurately code the telehealth services provided using the appropriate telehealth-specific codes. Ensure that documentation supports the medical necessity of the services rendered, including any relevant patient history, examination findings, and treatment plans.

Modifiers and Place of Service (POS) Coding

Apply any necessary modifiers to indicate that the services were delivered via telehealth. Additionally, use the appropriate POS code to reflect that the services were provided remotely.

Claims Submission

Our team will submit claims to insurance carriers in a timely manner, following their specific guidelines for telehealth billing. Include all required documentation and ensure that the claim accurately reflects the telehealth services provided.

Reimbursement and Payment Posting

Track and reconcile reimbursements from insurance payers for telehealth services. Post payments accurately in the billing system and address any discrepancies in reimbursement amounts.

Telehealth Compliance Monitoring

Regularly review and update telehealth billing processes to ensure compliance with evolving regulations and payer policies. Stay informed about changes in telehealth billing guidelines and adjust procedures accordingly.

Why Choose Stars Pro As Your Telehealth Billing Services Partner?

Stars Pro’s has an expert telehealth medical billing team, and our telehealth billing services are designed according to the unique needs of healthcare professionals and we will reduce the complexities of remote healthcare reimbursement, ensuring healthcare providers receive accurate and timely compensation for their virtual healthcare services. Stars Pro comprehensive billing approach begins with patient eligibility verification, confirming patients’ insurance coverage for telehealth and ensuring that the specific services align with their insurance plans. This initial step sets the foundation for a streamlined billing process that maximizes reimbursement.
In the fields of telehealth coding and documentation, Stars Pro employs a team of experts well-versed in telehealth-specific coding. By accurately coding telehealth services and ensuring thorough documentation of medical necessity, we pave the way for successful claims submission. Our billing professionals apply the necessary modifiers and place of service codes to precisely reflect the remote nature of the healthcare encounter, adhering to industry standards and insurance guidelines.
Stars Pro takes pride in its commitment to compliance, with a dedicated focus on monitoring and adapting to evolving telehealth regulations. We proactively update our telehealth billing procedures to align with changes in industry guidelines and payer policies, mitigating compliance risks for our clients. By entrusting Stars Pro with telehealth billing services, healthcare providers can concentrate on delivering high-quality virtual care, knowing that their financial processes are in expert hands, optimized for accuracy and compliance.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Telehealth Billing to Stars Pro?

Outsourcing telehealth billing services to Stars Pro offers numerous benefits that significantly enhance the efficiency and financial well-being of your healthcare practice. First and foremost, our expertise in telehealth billing ensures accurate and optimized reimbursement. Stars Pro’s specialized team is well-versed in the remote healthcare billing, navigating the complexities of coding, modifiers, and place of service codes specific to telehealth. By outsourcing to Stars Pro, healthcare providers can experience a reduction in billing errors, faster claims processing, and increased revenue through proper reimbursement.
Another key advantage of outsourcing telehealth billing to Stars Pro is the ability to stay abreast of evolving industry regulations. Our team is dedicated to monitoring changes in telehealth billing guidelines, ensuring compliance with the latest standards and payer policies. This proactive approach reduces the risk of compliance issues, allowing healthcare providers to focus on delivering quality virtual care without the burden of constantly adapting to regulatory changes. Stars Pro’s commitment to compliance provides peace of mind, assuring healthcare providers that their telehealth billing practices are always aligned with the most current standards.
Additionally, outsourcing telehealth billing to Stars Pro enables healthcare providers to redirect valuable internal resources towards patient care and other core activities. By outsourcing telehealth billing processes to our experienced team, providers can enhance their overall operational efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and ultimately dedicate more time and attention to delivering exceptional telehealth services. The result is a seamless integration of financial processes that supports both the financial health of the practice and the quality of patient care.


Stars Pro employs a specialized telehealth billing team and they are well-versed in telehealth billing and coding, focusing on accurate coding, modifiers, and place of service codes specific to virtual encounters to optimize reimbursement and reduce billing errors.
Stars Pro is committed to ongoing monitoring of telemedicine billing changes, ensuring that our telehealth billing services consistently align with the latest standards and payer guidelines, reducing the risk of compliance issues for our clients.
Yes, Stars Pro provides end-to-end telehealth billing services, starting with eligibility verification and extending to claims submission, reimbursement tracking, and compliance monitoring.
Outsourcing medical billing services to Stars Pro offers benefits such as optimized reimbursement, reduced billing errors, compliance assurance, and the ability for healthcare providers to redirect internal resources toward patient care and core activities.
Stars Pro enhances the financial well-being of healthcare practices by ensuring accurate reimbursement, staying compliant with industry regulations, and streamlining billing processes, allowing providers to focus on delivering high-quality telehealth services.

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