Delta Dental Credentialing Services

Delta Dental of Colorado currently has over 1.4 million members with a retention rate of 96 percent. We serve over 6,500 employer groups, tens of thousands of consumers who buy dental insurance on their own, and adults and children with embedded coverage through our medical partners. Become a Delta Dental provider and discover what nine out of ten Colorado dentists already know: Delta Dental is excellent for you and your patients.

Did you know that Delta Dental is preferred by more employers and patients than any other dental network? Learn why and sign up now.

You can join one of our Delta Dental networks by following the steps below. Any licensed dentist in Colorado can join one of the networks listed below. The credentialing procedure is completed online at DDS Enroll to make it easier to complete and to make re-credentialing easier in the future.

If You Haven’t Joined Us Yet?

By joining Delta Dental, you will be a member of the country’s largest network. It’s quick and simple! The simplified process can be completed and re-credentialed online at DDS Enroll, making it easier to complete and re-credential in the future. DDS Enroll provides a comprehensive solution that includes:

  • For new providers, credentialing and provider network enrollment are required
  • Current network providers will be re-credentialed
  • No need to mail signatures if you use electronic signatures
  • Additional document management
  • Application forms and supporting documentation are delivered electronically
  • For re-credentialing, it’s easier to maintain provider data

Delta Dental PPOTM is a dental insurance plan offered by Delta Dental

Delta Dental PPO is our preferred provider network, and it is increasingly gaining popularity among companies and patients.

PPO plans cover more than 1.1 million people. And, according to our data, the number of people who visit PPO providers is increasing, while the number of people who visit Premier® and non-participating doctors is declining. People’s choice of providers is increasingly driven by where they can save the most money and get the most bang for their buck. High-quality dentistry and PPO networks, however, are not mutually exclusive. Our PPO providers have discovered that giving excellent service and a positive patient experience is a winning combination.

You have the following responsibilities as a Delta Dental PPO provider

  • Assist your patients in getting the most out of their dental benefits
  • Can devote more time to patient care
  • Boost the worth of your practice

Delta Dental Provider Enrollment Requirements

Step 1: Gather the Required Information

Please have a copy of your Colorado Dental License, D.E.A. registration, malpractice insurance declaration page, National Provider Identifier, and other documents and/or information available to upload. DDS Enroll will provide you with all of the necessary information.

Step 2: Select Dental Service Provider

You have the option of joining either the Delta Dental PPOTM or Delta Dental Premier® networks. Learn why more businesses and individuals are opting for PPO plans than ever before. Remember that licensed hygienists in the state of Colorado who are not employed by a dentist are eligible to join our network.

Step 3: Complete the online form and submit all required information

Please contact DDS Enroll at 1-800-576-6412, ext. 471, or if you have any concerns or require assistance with this new credentialing process. Please refer to DDS Enroll or contact Delta Dental of Colorado’s credentialing team at 720-489-4704 if you have any queries about your credentialing status.

Delta Dental can help you expand your practice

Delta Dental emphasizes the importance of bringing patients into your office as a necessary aspect of achieving and maintaining good oral health. We give you access to the nation’s largest dental insurance customer base, make administration simple, pay you directly when you treat Delta Dental patients, and process claims quickly and accurately, so you’ll get paid quickly and effortlessly.

What Makes Delta Dental so Special?

We are committed to improving the oral health of our clients and communities through our insurance services and philanthropic initiatives as the nation’s premier dental insurance provider.

With the biggest network of dentists nationwide, expert claims administration, and personalized care, Delta Dental protects more smiles than any other dental insurance company.

Providing dental knowledge

Our National Scientific Advisory Committee, which is made up of highly qualified outside experts, conducts independent dental research and assesses treatment and outcomes.

We can ensure that our organizations and individuals have policies and goals that are based on strong science and research thanks to this group of specialists.

Assuring that members are prioritized

Delta Dental is dedicated to ensuring that our clinical policies reflect the most current dental science, are based on evidence of successful outcomes, and, where feasible, agree with the position statements of dentistry specialty organizations and dental school curriculum.

We regularly examine existing and new Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes for coverage and set policies to safeguard customers from being charged for procedures that were miscoded, unnecessary, incomplete, non-delivered, or incorrectly documented.

Developing practical digital tools

Delta Dental offers cutting-edge digital technologies that allow customers to locate a dentist they want to see, determine the prices of various procedures, and manage their accounts from their mobile devices. Our goal is to give customers access to resources that will help them maintain a healthy smile at all times and in any location.

You’ll get the following benefits from Delta Dental

  • Effortless claims
  • Electronic claims processing and direct deposit
  • Information is available at all times of the day and night
  • Print, telephone, and online directories are used to refer patients
  • Patients and employees benefit from award-winning customer service
  • Our professional relations team pays personal visits to your office
  • Discounts on items and services from merchants you deal with on a regular basis