Centene Credentialing Services

Centene is committed to assisting people in leading healthier lives. We offer high-quality care, innovative programs, and a wide range of health solutions to help families and individuals get well, stay well, and be well.

Why are we here?

Centene recognizes the critical role we play in transforming healthcare and improving community health for our members and employees. As the leading managed care provider and employer, we remain committed to creating safe, healthy, and inclusive workplaces.

Stars Pro Enrollment Services


We collaborate with state governments to provide health coverage to millions of low-income adults, children, and pregnant women who qualify.


Our Medicare Advantage and Medicare-Medicaid plans promote health and independence by providing access to personal, local care.

Health Insurance Exchange

Individuals and families who do not qualify for Medicaid or other government coverage can benefit from our affordable, comprehensive plans.

Military Personnel and Veterans

Our Federal Services division offers high-quality, low-cost managed healthcare programs and behavioral health services to government employees and beneficiaries.

Correctional Health Care Services

Centurion Health is a national provider of healthcare and staffing to correctional facilities and other government agencies.

What Makes Us Unique

Centene’s commitment to serving people is visible in our day-to-day operations. A key component of the healthcare programmes we offer to individuals and families is a focus on whole-person wellness.

Benefits of Collaborating with us

Error Free

The most significant advantage of automating and utilizing innovative software is the significant reduction in errors that were previously common in manual processes. According to research, healthcare centers that used software solutions saw a decrease in complaints, complications, and cost. Modern software checks for errors and filters out the details automatically.

Outsourcing the credentialing process allows medical practices to focus on patient care while CVO gathers, filters, reports on, and manages the verification process objectively. Most hospitals or medical practises have criteria in place to screen applicants and ensure that healthcare providers applying for jobs are treated fairly. CVOs also keep up to date on changing government regulations, so hospitals don’t have to worry about noncompliance issues.


Almost every healthcare facility, large or small, faces budget constraints and challenges in reducing operational costs and streamlining processes. Implementing a cloud-based solution can reduce paperwork and errors while having no impact on the health or safety of patients. The data is centrally stored in a cloud system, but it can be accessed remotely at a low and manageable cost.

By ensuring that all healthcare providers working in their facility are qualified and their credentials are verified, the medical practice can save millions of dollars in litigation and malpractice cases. There are strict rules in many states, and negligent credentialing is considered a reason for litigation against healthcare centers.

Faster Turnaround

Outsourcing credentialing services saves healthcare providers time and effort, shortens the diagnosis and treatment phases, and ensures timely reimbursement. The standard time for healthcare centers to verify credentials ranges between 60 and 100 days, but CVO can expedite the process and allow surgeons and physicians to work without worry.

Paperwork is reduced

The traditional credentialing process entailed a plethora of paper documents as well as a plethora of files for various healthcare providers. Instead of filing cabinets, CVO employs sophisticated software with a value-added feature of cloud computing that allows remote access with easy editing, uploading, and sharing.

Increased Productivity

The existing system in many healthcare organizations consist of spreadsheets, paper documents, and checklists spread across various departments. Many of the documents must be updated on a regular basis, which adds to the paperwork. CVOs use cloud-based systems that allow them to easily verify, update, and check for errors. Having a central database saves time when setting up parameters and allows for easy access to analytics.