Ameritas Provider Credentialing Services

Participate in something bigger! Do you want to be a part of Ameritas networks? We can assist you. If you’re interested in getting people back to work, play, and life, we are here to get you enrolled with Ameritas.

  • Manage the initial credentialing tasks 
  • Provide assistance with Medicare revalidation 
  • Contract/in-network doctors 
  • Obtain the contract’s allowable 
  • Provide assistance with NPI registration 
  • Handle contracting issues for managed care 

What Can Our Dedicated Experts Do For You? 

  • Obtaining an NPI, a Group NPI, a Tax ID, and a CAQH ID 
  • Medicare and Medicaid Revalidation 
  • Certification – Federal and commercial insurances 
  • Contracting/In-networking 
  • Weekly Status Report on Credentialing and Contracting 
  • Keeping & Re-Credentialing 

What Tools we use to accelerates the physician credentialing process 

  • Management Tool for Credentials 
  • Credentialing Status Indicator 
  • Follow-up on Credentialing Reminder 
  • Paperwork Management Software 
  • Reminder & Alert Regarding Federal Revalidation 
  • Alert for Automatic Weekly Reporting 
  • Query Tracking, Messaging, and Ticketing Software 

Work with someone who understands the game’s rules! 

We have over a decade of experience in the insurance medical billing industry. In addition, we have a team of certified billers who specialize in Ameritas insurance billing support. Our experts are well-versed in the payment mechanisms used in Coventry. Our first-pass claim acceptance rate exceeds industry norms. That is because we are familiar with insurance companies’ claim processing procedures. Working with us will increase your bottom-line benefits. 

Secondary insurance payments account for a sizable portion of a healthcare organization’s revenue. We provide professional secondary insurance billing services. Every line item found in the EOB/ERA sent by primary insurance providers is filled out by us. Our billers enter accurate information such as the allowed amount, payment amount, adjustment amount, group codes, adjustment details, and the adjudication date. This facilitates the prompt payment of secondary claims. 

Are Denials a Problem in Your Healthcare Organization? 

With the help of our denial management experts, you can cut down on denials. We reduce denials and eliminate underpayments. Working with our super-efficient denial management team can help you achieve a 2% denial rate. Our denial management team examines process issues and claim payments to identify revenue cycle leaks. We categorize denials into various follow-up groups and have specialized variance teams on staff. With insurance billing, we have a 98 percent success rate on appeals. 

Our denial auditors examine denial patterns in order to improve claim acceptance rates and lower denials in the long run. ICD 10 denial prevention team: It is expected that ICD 10 will increase coding denials. Our code auditors and denial prevention experts will help you protect your revenue stream. We have a dedicated team that works around the clock to effectively reduce coding-related denials. 

Get Rid of Your AR Backlogs! 

Phone calls that are sporadic and indifferent will not help you get paid. It is extremely inconvenient to be put on hold for hours on end during a busy working day. Our insurer-specific AR calling team will save your company from long phone lines and unpaid claims. 

Is your pending AR list ever getting longer? Cleanse Your Billing Cycle! 

Allow a team of AR calling specialists to reduce your pending AR list. Within a few months of working with us, you will see a 60% reduction in your pending AR. 

Benefits of Ameritas Credentialing Services

Ensure Quality Control

As previously said, the medical credentialing procedure ensures quality assurance in the healthcare profession. It is a review process for the medical business that helps to verify that quality standards in the medical community are regularly met for the purpose of patients. In order to keep costs low, insurance companies want to prioritize medical physicians and practices that have proved expertise in their fields.

Preserve Patient Safety

Credentialing protects patient safety by ensuring that practises and physicians have the requisite expertise and skills to perform treatments on patients. The procedure aims to lessen the likelihood of medical errors caused by unskilled practitioners. Credentialing, with all of this prior knowledge, aids in the restoration of trust between patients and medical practitioners. Patients who know their physicians have the qualifications and merit to be their preferred providers can put their entire trust in their abilities.

Prevent Revenue Loss

Proper credentialing can save medical practices thousands of dollars in income lost due to delayed or denied reimbursements. Failure to obtain proper credentialing or errors in the procedure can lead to insurance payers refusing to reimburse medical providers for their treatments. If a medical practice enables a physician to provide services prior to or during the credentialing process, the insurance payer may be entitled to backdate compensation to cover the treatments.

Expand Your Patient Base

Physician certification grants medical practices access to previously inaccessible patient bases by allowing practices to accept individuals covered by health insurance. The vast majority of Americans have health insurance plans; 92 percent of Americans had health insurance coverage in 2019. This enables medical practices to expand their clientele and potentially increase their revenue.