I’m very pleased with Stars Pro Medical Billing services, the transition it’s been really smooth, and Stars Pro’s team has been able to identify and solve gaps from the previous company. There is a great communication pathway and so far good results. I am very happy with my decision with my current Billing Team.

Dr. Maria C Erazo MD from Frontline Medical and Kidney Care

Stars Pro Medical Billing is a very unique company in medical billing services. Stars Pro has tremendous team players in medical billing, insurance credentialing, and clients’ insurance eligibility verification for my company Lacka Behavioral Health since we started the business with Stars Pro. Stars Pro has eased the burden of medical billing, credentialing, filling claims, and clients’ insurance eligibility for Lacka Behavioral Health from the beginning of my practice. The Stars Pro is prompt, efficient, and effective in filling medical claims and clients’ insurance eligibility. The charges for their services are reasonable and affordable. I recommend their services to healthcare providers especially providers starting a new practice.

Dr. Loretta Oguonu for Lacka Behavioral Health

Switching to Stars Pro Medical Billing was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my group mental health practice. Their team is impressively responsive! I have peace of mind knowing I can count on them to keep my billing up to date and follow up on claims, which has allowed me to focus more of my energy into my clinical work. They have kept up with my changing needs as my practice has grown and have accommodated all my requests. It’s been such a relief to know I have a reliable and knowledgeable billing team on my side!

Jessica Sullivan, – Founder & CEO

Star Pro Medical Billing Services offer excellent credentialing services, billing, and verification of eligibility. I rely on them to obtain fast legibility clearance as well as credentialing for different insurance panels.
They are prompt professionals that helped build my business to what is today. I strongly recommend them to my colleagues and other start clinics knowing that you are in good hands.
 Keep up the good work Star Pro Medical Billing Services. 

H. Okpala DrNP, PMHNP-BC

I am so happy and very grateful I hired Stars Pro.  I know Stars Pro team will get the account receivable lessened and will be able to collect 100% of the production per month. 
Thank you very much again Peter & Stars Pro Team. Your focus and dedication is superb. I truly believe that each month will get better and better.

Dr. A. Abordo DDS

The transparency and thoroughness of the billing process are outstanding. I love working with Stars Pro Medical Billing.

Greg Coya – I Am Better Rehab Services

Stars Pro has been outstanding. I considered 2 different billing vendors prior to choosing Stars Pro, and I couldn’t be happier. Daniel sends me regular and thorough updates about every aspect of my billing. He responds to any email I send same-day with a quick answer and always follows up with a more complete analysis/answer within 24-48 hours. I am very happy with my decision with my current Billing Team.

Shami Petal (MD)

We are working with Stars Pro has been a big optimistic step for our practice. They quickly respond to our questions and concerns. Our billing gets processed within days and everything can be viewed online; we get daily reports from our assigned billing team. I would highly recommend Stars Pro to any practice that wants to adapt to automation, save time in the office, and improve their insurance collections!

Orthopedic Group of SC

Stars Pro is a great billing company with great people. They handled all of my billing and follow-up for my clinic diligently. They have a very strong support staff and continuously would go above and beyond for my needs. They made my practice life easier and business less stressful.

Shedrack Raines, MD- Chiropractor

I started my practice, Stars Pro Billing guided me through the process and helped me navigate credentialing with different insurance companies. Now Stars Pro Medical Billing is my partner and tirelessly tracks down payments and denials. I could not run my practice without their help. Highly recommended

Dr. Ajay Sharma (MD)

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