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Whether you’re a small independent or a large practice, Stars Pro A.I based integrated platform streamline billing, patient engagement and practice workflow.

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Key Features of Medical Billing & Coding

We provide comprehensive medical billing services to Aetna providers of various specialties. We have built our reputation by adhering steadfastly to service excellence, integrity, and professionalism while strictly adhering to applicable healthcare regulations. Over the last two decades, we have been the medical billing company that is qualified and competent to address a wide range of Aetna medical specialties. Our solutions are easily adaptable and scalable to meet the needs of a wide range of practice settings, including individual practitioners, small clinics, and large multi-specialty chains. Our dedication to CPT, HCPCS, ICD, and HIPAA-compliant medical billing practices earns us the imperial stamp of approval.

Charge Entry Structure

A systematic charge entry process ensures more than 98 percent accuracy, with relevant checks at each stage to ensure a smooth and accurate Aetna claim process. At this stage, there are almost no chance of error due to the maximum accuracy level we maintain.

Quick Claim Submission

Our Aetna billing and claim submission team has extensive experience with both electronic and paper-based claim submissions. We pay close attention to the smallest details of the claim submission formats used by Medicaid, Medicare, and major insurance carriers.

Assurance in Claim Scrubbing

Billing code errors are one of the most common reasons why medical claims are rejected or denied. This is why it is critical to detect and eliminate errors before submitting claims to payers. Our trustworthy claim scrubbing ensures accuracy.

Aetna Collections and Billing

The timely collection of payment claims is the most important aspect of the billing process. An increase in the number of outstanding claims can have a negative impact on medical practices’ revenue targets. The Aetna billing team at our company follows up with each payer on a timely basis.

The Payment Posting Procedure

Aetna account receivable reports for each medical practice are critical because they provide insight into the provider’s financial health. Payment posting is the process of determining how the billing and collection processes are performing and identifying problems.

Improved cash flows

Cash flows are the lifeblood of any organization, including healthcare providers. Our professional revenue cycle management services provide experienced professionals who can handle various types of medical claims expertly on the first submission.

Fast & Accurate Claims Submission by our Specialists

Providers benefit from faster claim submissions on their behalf.

Not only that, but we start with technologically advanced solutions. In summary, we ensure that all details are easily filed while maintaining a certain speed for reimbursements. Extend your practice beyond financial constraints. Offering high-quality healthcare services can help to create a positive patient experience. We can be confident that as the clean claim rate rises, so will the number of happy patients who received their reimbursement on time.

Stars Pro Solutions for medical billing

Our expert Aetna medical coding consultants are the solution to all of your medical billing concerns. In a nutshell, it is concise and to the point. You can count on timely submissions as well as proactive treatment of insurance companies and patients. Our workflow process enables us to send necessary reports ahead of time. To avoid potential delays, providers are aware of the status of patients with expired insurance coverage. As a result, clinicians are in it to expand their collections.

Coverage for insurance

If our diligent medical billing and coding teams discover any insurance gaps in a patient’s health plan, they will notify us. For example, when a patient’s insurance does not cover a medical condition or treatment, we are the first to let them know.

Reporting in advance

Detailed analysis reports are provided to physicians based on their specific needs in order to assist them in making sound business decisions. We also divide each stage of the process according to the needs of clinicians from various specialties.


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