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Personalized and Innovative Medical Billing Company

We are a medical billing and healthcare IT Company that provides cutting edge medical billing, medical credentialing and payment posting services, helping hospital, physicians and nurse practitioners solve complex issues on time.  

We always Listen our Clients

Stars Pro always focused on building a trust-worthy relationship with our valued physicians, hospitals and nurse practitioners. We have experts medical billing professionals those make sure to put our customers’ requirements first and then fulfill their expectations with well-managed billing and medical credentialing services. We are in healthcare IT industry with over 15 years, our professionals know how to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Stars Pro Services
Charge Entry

Stars Pro medical billing service guarantees an accuracy of over 96% within a 24-hour time frame of receipt. Physicians trust us because of high accuracy.

Timely Claim Submission

Stars Pro process and submit the medical claims to the insurance companies of USA within 48-hours of receiving the patient encounter forms. Our experts continuously follow-up until the claim is paid.

Increase Collections

Stars Pro medical billing professionals strives to keep your 60-day outstanding accounts receivable below 15%, and 120-day accounts receivable below 5%. Stars Pro medical billing professionals staff follows up with each insurance company based on its specific payment schedules.

24/7 Support – Our billing managers are always and easily accessible to our clients, for clients 24/7 support.

An Affordable Alternative to Your Billing Problems

With just a small, all-inclusive fee of your collections for our Basic and premium billing services, we are accessible solution to commonly encountered billing problems. We offer a 30 days FREE trial. We will meet your expectations, or you don’t pay.

Significantly Higher Number of First-Pass Claims

Our company has a first-pass claim rate (FTPR) of approximately 96%; you will secure your outstanding money more quickly than ever before with the support of our billing services.

Improve Your Billing with Stars Pro Medical Billing

Contact us today for the bespoke attention and wide knowledge that results in the well-timed collection of the money that you are correctly payable. Please complete the Contact form or call any of our office, for a quick response.

Reduce Your Costs While Increasing Income

Our team system produces not only outcomes, but also detailed reports and the attention that you need to make your practice smooth. You are remunerated more quickly, able to easily track claims, and able to follow up all unpaid or partially paid claims, while having to contend with far fewer rejected claims.

Appeal Denied Claims – All denied claims are automatically appealed.
Patient Security – We follow all HIPAA privacy and security standards; your patient’s PHI is never at risk of being compromised.
Enhanced Ability to Resolve All Billing Issues – All claims are handled quickly and accurately by our billers.
24/7 Support – Our billing managers are always and easily accessible to our clients, for clients 24/7 support.


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